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Learning simulator for sales managers

Immersive learning simulator for sales manager, train to communicate with clients.

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Managers learn the sales in theory, but they do not practice with real clients, as a mistake can cost the company a lot. We have created a bot that will help trainees practice their knowledge in order to retain your customers.

How will the bot solve this problem?
Simulates a conversation with a client and trains an employee to make the right decisions.
Will return to the beginning of the test in case of an error.
Send the result to the manager.

When is it especially useful?
Knowledge testing is time consuming and you want to automate this process.
The cost of an intern error is high and you want to minimize customer loss.
The company has a huge number of trainees during the trial period and the management wants to choose the best candidates for the sales manager position

Difficulty level: medium - you need to create a script for the simulator.
Setup Time: Depends on your scenario.
Versatility: medium - suitable for sales managers, entrepreneurs, sellers.

*You can use this template as an example to create your own simulator with relevant content.

The bot is launched by a link or a QR code and engages the employee with a dialogue.
Further, the bot offers situations and solutions that an employee can take in order to sign up a client for Demo.
The bot automatically checks the answers. If the employee answered correctly, he moves on to the next question, and in case of an error, he explains what is wrong, subtracts 10 points and sends him to the beginning of the test.
After the seller completes the tasks, the bot will send a certificate of successful completion of the test to his e-mail and also send the information to the manager.
What can you do with the template?
  1. Add a template to the project.
  2. Prepare texts for the training scenario and add them to the constructor.
  3. In blocks with incorrect answers, add the action "Add / Subtract points".
  4. Set the conditions for the "Router" block. This is the number of points based on which the employee will receive a pass/fail message.
  5. Set up notifications to your mail through the "Notifications" block. 
  6. Add your email and email content.
  7. Test the bot.
  8. Send a link to the bot to employees or set up a script to run from your system.

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