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Interactive English homework checker

The bot checks your knowledge in English in a playful way.

You need to log in to see the interactive example.

You need to log in to see the interactive example

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Use this bot as an example to create your own quizzes and offer students a cool learning tool.

The bot can:
1. Play tasks in different formats (text / pictures / gifs / video / audio).
2. Automatically assign points and calculate the result.
3. Request feedback from students.

When is it especially useful?
1. It is necessary to increase the involvement of students in homework.
2. Want to diversify the learning process.
3. Checking the tasks manually will take a long time

Difficulty level: medium - you need to set up a table to collect data.
Setting time: 6 hours.
Versatility: suitable for English teachers (tutors, teachers in schools, universities, language schools).

How does it work? 
The bot is activated by the link and starts a conversation.
The bot offers to solve different types of exercises: choose the correct option, insert a missing letter, listen to the audio. For each correct answer, 1 point is automatically awarded.
You can also create exercises on third-party resources and integrate them into the constructor. 
After completing the test, the bot invites the student to evaluate the lesson.

The bot automatically counts the number of points, saves them in a table and sends the result to your email.
What to do with this template?
1. Add a template to the project.
2. Create a bot design - choose a background, avatar and font.
3. Think of your test script and build it on the platform. Setup instructions are in this video.
4. In order to save all the answers in a convenient format, we have created a table. If you replace the suggested questions or change blocks, the values in the table will automatically change. It needs to be edited: in the "Tables" section, change the names of the columns; in the "table" block, click "add row" and add answers through the % answers% variable.
5. Set up notifications to your mail through the "Notifications" block.
6. Test the bot.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in Telegram